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InitiativGruppe – Intercultural encounter and education e.V.
open - dedicated – social

The IG was founded in 1971 by Munich citizens motivated to help pupils of foreign origin to achieve the same chances in school and professional life that German children have.

Even today migrants are underprivileged in the German school system and in vocational formation.

In 13 sections the IG offers schemes and training aids for pupils and apprentices as well as social activities, in order to improve the educational chances of immigrant minorities and to strengthen their individual and cultural potentials.


The manyfold program of the IG
addresses migrants and Germans.

The InitiativGruppe offers

  • German classes
  • Homework assistance
  • Vocational formation classes and schemes to accompany apprenticeship
  • Child care
  • Activities open to young people
  • Cooperative households for young adults as well as encouragement to self-dependency.

Volunteer commitment
has been the origin of the InitiativGruppe and is, up till now, an essential part of many of its sections. Volunteer assistants help children and young people with difficulties in school, in their vocational formation or with German language. They offer sports and leisure activities, accompany preparatory courses for work, get involved in public relation or in the organisation of political and cultural events.


The IG offers:

Learning aids for apprentices (abh) – furthering of underpriviledged apprentices or those with learning difficulties (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 65 / - 66 / - 67).

Educational and professional information, computer classes (Bildungs- und Berufsberatung, Computerkurse "BBC), professional qualification of young migrants, especially training in modern information and communication technologies (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 29).

"Colourful teams kick well" (Bunt kickt gut) – the intercultural soccer street league is an initiative with the aim to offer to young people of different cultural and national origin a sensible and healthy free-time activity and to open possibilities for social and cultural cooperation (phone: 089 / 510 861 - 16).

Volonteer furthering of pupils – support of children and young people of foreign origin in the acquistion of the German language and homework at no charge (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 23).

Work with migrant parents – supports parents in educational and formational issues and enhances the intercultural understanding between parents and teachers in schools as well as in educational institutions. The offers comprise individual consulting, topical information evenings for parents, training for pedagogic personnel and furthering of self-help activities. (phone 089 / 510 861 - 35)

The municipal leisure center "IG-Feuerwache" - offers for children and youth between 6 and 18 years such as furthering of pupils, homework assistance, support during transition from school to work as well as freetime activities phone: 089 / (510 861 - 23 / - 24).

Women in Professional Life and in School (FiBS) – enhances the integration into professional life, especially the (re-)integration after maternity leave through consulting and course programms (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 14 / - 28).

Women's section - support of foreign women wanting to integrate into the German society. Intensive German courses, with child care, at any level: basic, advanced and proficient, alphabetisation classes in German and Turkish, social consulting, cultural and health related offers (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 21).

Youth Work - IG-youth – support and consulting of young visitors, organisation of concerts (Cuma-Club). Music classes (e.g. guitar, saz), seminars, freetime trips, excursions abroad, language classes and lowfee coaching.(phone 089 / 544 671 - 71)

Cooperative households for young people – social work supporting young people according to "§ 13.3 KJHG. Young women and men between 18 and 21 are adviced and coached through their schooling and professional formation and enhanced in a self-responsible set up of their lives (phone: 089/ 141 487 0 and 769 288 2).

Initiative for parents: "Children's net" – women, who take language classes in the women's section, can take their children (2-12 years) to the daycare center (phone: 089/ 544 671 - 17).

Language class sectionacquisition of German language in an active way, for young people and adults; intensive courses of all levels: basic, advanced and proficient; professionally oriented classes and exam preparatory courses. Special classes: alphabetisation, grammar and conversation classes (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 18).

Social-educational learning aids according to "§ 13.1 SGB VIII for pupils in primary and secondary school and integrating classes: home work assistance, procurement of learning techniques, filling of knowledge gaps and preparation for tests, training in social and educational key qualifications, consulting in personal and educational problems, consulting and support of parents concerning school and education (phone: 089 / 510 861 - 21 / - 22 / - 27).

Accounting service – handles wage and salary accounting as well as financial accounting of publicly financed organisations and social and cultural initiatives (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 35).

For further information about the IG, please consult our homepage, or call us (phone: 089 / 544 671 - 0).


The InitiativGroup – Intercultural Encounter and Education e.V. (IG) is a registered nonprofit organisation. The IG is, according to "§75 KJHG, an accepted youth welfare service, independent from any federation or political party.

Sources of subsidy of the IG:
Landeshauptstadt München (Sozialreferat München, Stadtjugendamt, Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft), Regierung von Oberbayern/Bayer.Staatsministerium für Arbeit und Sozialordnung, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Europäische Kommission.

If you want to support our institution:
The donation account of the IG: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, IBAN: DE09 3702 0500 0008 8227 02

The IG was granted the "donation seal" (Spendensiegel) of the "Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen (DZI)" in Berlin. The DZI checks annually the budget accounts and, especially, the use of donations, of membership fees and monetary fines. Therefore, you can be sure, that the IG uses your financial contribution properly and adequate to the social and educational tasks of the association.